FAQ – Most Frequently Asked Questions Our Customers Have

I Can’t Start My Car, But How Do I Know It’s Because My Car’s Battery Needs To Be Replaced?

Car battery replacement is recommended if your battery is above one year old and you have drained the battery before – such as when perhaps the cabin light or headlights were left on for an extended period. This is because FLA or flooded lead acid batteries do not like to be deep cycled and it damages their lifespan significantly. Some troubleshooting may be helpful if you are not sure that the battery is the cause of your car not starting and we can help you with the process when you call us on our hotline.

There are various reasons why your car won’t start. By and far, most often it is caused by a dead or flat car battery, and as a distant second, a faulty starter motor. If you are in one of the following three possible situations, then it is likely that the car battery is the cause of your inability to start the car.

  • If your battery is older than 12 months and you hear no sound when your start to crank start or a series of clicking sounds from your car – it is almost certain that it is due to a dead car battery. Call 9Battery and we will come to your rescue.
  • If you forgot to switch off the vehicle headlights or left devices such as recording cameras on, chances are that these may have caused your battery to be drained and you will need a jump start. If you have a friend with jump start cables willing to help, he can come by to give you one. Please make sure you are familiar with jump starts before attending one as wrong connections can result in fires and property loss! Note that the sequence of connecting jumper cables and their polarity is crucial. If you are not sure or if your car is precious to you, call 9Battery we will come to you and provide the proper tools and procedure.
  • If the vehicle has not been started for an period of more than a few days, chances are that the remaining battery charge is too low to start your car – this is because a car has electronics that continue to use power even when the car is not running. In such a situation, you may need either a new battery or a jump start. Jump starting will start your car and after successful jump start, the your car should be driven around for at least 25- 35 minutes (best to go on a cruise on the highway) for the charging system to recharge the battery. If this inability to crank start happened after your car has only been parked for a three days or less, a battery change is likely required as it cannot retain charge for long periods, meaning it is at the end of life and due or replacement. Call 9Battery if you need assistance, we can jump start your car and will check the condition of your battery CCA (cold cranking amps) and also measure the charging system to determine if your car’s electrical system is in good health and provide you useful tips to prolong battery life.

How Long Does It Take Before We Arrive At You Location?

We know your time is precious and will try to arrive to your location as soon as we can, which sometimes means in as short as 20 mins, depending on the location of our mobile mech. But this is not the usual and more commonly we arrive 45-60 minutes if our mech is not currently already on a job. If they are busy at the moment, we will let you know the estimated time of arrival to +/- 30 minutes.

How Long Does The Battery Replacement Take?

For most Japanese makes the job can be completed within 20 minutes, unless the vehicle has been modified and/or if battery terminals are corroded. This estimated time includes time spent to give you a brief explanation of the work, the labour to do replacement, testing of the new battery after installation and your car’s charging system. If our mech is not scheduled for his next job, we can share with you some pointers on upkeep of your vehicle’s electrical and battery (if you are so inclined to know, feel free to ask).

Do I Need to Re-set My Car’s Settings (eg. radio stations etc)?

If the vehicle battery was already too drained (below a threshold voltage required to keep the settings in your car’s electronics), then settings may have already been lost before the battery replacement work was done. You will probably have lost the settings in the case where the battery of the car is so weak that your car remote was not even able to unlock the doors or sometime before that. However, in most situations we are able to preserve the settings for those vehicles we rescue, by carrying out the replacement with a back up power source connected to your vehicle.

What Battery Brand Do You Use?

The tried and tested – Amaron, trusted by half of the vehicle on our Singapore roads and depended on by large fleet operators, such as taxi companies, who need reliability and continuity.  We use Amaron maintenance free batteries so that it is easier on you – install and start, no water top up required and trusted service for the next six months to one year – or we will come to you at your location and replace it free! We also carry Hoppecke for German quality DIN sized batteries for continental makes – original equipment for Mercedes Benz and what better than a German battery in your European car?

Do You Provide Any Warranty For My New Battery?

Yes. All car batteries installed by 9Battery on a petrol vehicle comes with a 12-month warranty. Car batteries installed on a diesel vehicles come with a 6-month warranty. The warranty is against manufacturers defects. Standard warranty terms and conditions can be found on the warranty card that we issue at the end of the car battery replacement process.

How Do I Claim for Warranty During Warranty Period?

Call us at 9Battery (92288379) giving us your original 9Battery receipt number and date of battery installation. For further details, please see our warranty claims terms and conditions.

Do You Issue Official Receipts?

Yes, official receipts are issued for all car battery replacements. The receipt serves as proof of purchase and will be needed for warranty claims.

What Car Make/Models Do You Service?

Our mechanics are professional and we work on all makes and models from saloons to MPV and SUV, vans and lorries (lorries up to a certain size only). We have done rescues for Hiace, Urvan, Liteace, NV200, NV350, Vito and so on.

We most often work with and can do all the Japanese and Korean makes, plus we also do all Continental cars.

Brands that we do include Alfa, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Daihatsu Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Geely, Hafei, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Perodua, Peugeot, Porsche, Proton, Renault, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Wuling, Volkswagen, Volvo.

Yes, we do the less common cars as well, such as Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche, you can trust us with your car!

Porsche Car Battery Replacement
Happy owner of Porsche Caymen fitted with new Hoppecke battery!