Battery Warranty

Our standard battery warranty covers manufacturing defects for batteries installed by our mechanics for a period of 12-months for all petrol driven vehicles and 6-months  for all diesel vehicles.

If I Wish To Make A Warranty Claim, What Should I Do?

  • Call 9Battery (92288379) and let us know the following so we can go to your rescue:
    • The original 9BFF receipt number (issued when battery was installed)
    • Your vehicle model and number
    • Your vehicle current location
  • We will send you a message via SMS/WhatsApp to inform you of our onsite fee, chargeable only if it is not a battery defect.
  • In that message, you will see our ETA (estimated time of arrival).
  • We do try to arrange a visit as soon as we can, however, if our mechanics are occupied on a job at the moment, we will schedule you for our next available time slot.
  • When we arrive, we will do a check and if it is found the car cannot start due to a battery manufacturing defect, then we will replace for your vehicle with a similar battery – a one-to-one exchange, installation labour included – at no cost to you.

Important to Note:

  • If the battery is low on charge due to reason other than manufacturing fault, then the onsite fee we quoted would be chargeable.
  • The warranty covers only battery manufacturing defects and is for the car that the battery was originally installed in only.