9Battery was established

on 27th July of 2017 with experience from entrepreneurs who worked with vehicle financing & insurance, and an experienced business adviser who has been in this car battery business for the past three years. What drew us together to this was the very real potential to help others with a service that prioritizes efficiency, transparency and reliability.

We want to always be there for you

so that as a motorist, you need not worry about being stranded, having to leave your car behind when it refuses to start, at a time when you may need it most.

We want to be transparent in what we provide and live up to our promise to give a reliable, thorough solution – to get your car started and on your way again as soon as we can with as little inconvenience as we can manage.

We understand your needs and in time, we want to be the best solution there can be, in the market of Singapore, bar none.

And we believe we can do all this above for our customers, with our experienced partners and as we gather good committed people who share our vision – to help get our customers be on the road again in a short a period as possible.

But we ask your patience as we build up, for we wish to be a genuine 7-day a week rescue service, and moving from then on, to 24 hours a day hotline.

We want to be upfront and straightforward, that sort of capability takes time to build, and we are not there yet. And so right now, we (impatiently) refrain from calling ourselves a 24/7 service, but soon we will.

Then, all day any day, we will help you wherever you are in Singapore!

As of 13th October 2017, we are running 6-days a week

with our mobile on site vehicle ready to serve you!